Beginner 25 Aug 2006 05:23 am

Adsense Bahasa Melayu : It’s Happening


Adsense Bahasa Melayu

Check out this Adword ad for for search results on term “buat duit”. Adsense Bahasa Melayu is really happening! Next week i’ll try to target this (similar) ad on a page with Bahasa Melayu. Stay tuned. If it works, then we all gonna make a siht-load of moneh.. Hahaha!! 

None: Though most of the Bahasa Melayu ad sells E-book, MLM’s and other siht. I hate e-book. I hate wasting time reading them, let alone buying them. Because most of the stuff they wrote on these e-book is the same knowledge and information you can gain if you Googled (searched) hard enough. Stop wasting your money.
(if you really want to get rich overnight, go buy Sports-Toto)

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  1. on 29 Sep 2006 at 2:20 am 1.bali said …

    terima kasih diatas semua info ni, aku akan cuba apa yang ko sarankan. kalau berjaya nanti aku kasitau huhu

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