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Beginner 06 May 2007 04:47 am

I’m Back

It’s been ages since my last update. Now i’m back. Stay tuned for more ace adsense tips, and later i’ll reveal few more adsense secret that i’ve been implementing.

And yes, the whole Pyrokumprinx Advanced Media Network is going through a serious makeover.

Beginner 06 May 2007 04:43 am

New Login Interface

Did you notice the new login page interface. It has something to do with Adsense and Google Account migration. Read here.

Beginner 01 Oct 2006 02:17 pm

200×200 The new ad format

The new 200 x 200 size ad format supports text, image and video ads. This is just great! I know what i’m going to do with it. And as always, lets all make siht-load of moneh!

Beginner 25 Aug 2006 05:23 am

Adsense Bahasa Melayu : It’s Happening


Adsense Bahasa Melayu

Check out this Adword ad for for search results on term “buat duit”. Adsense Bahasa Melayu is really happening! Next week i’ll try to target this (similar) ad on a page with Bahasa Melayu. Stay tuned. If it works, then we all gonna make a siht-load of moneh.. Hahaha!! 

None: Though most of the Bahasa Melayu ad sells E-book, MLM’s and other siht. I hate e-book. I hate wasting time reading them, let alone buying them. Because most of the stuff they wrote on these e-book is the same knowledge and information you can gain if you Googled (searched) hard enough. Stop wasting your money.
(if you really want to get rich overnight, go buy Sports-Toto)

Beginner 11 Aug 2006 12:31 am

Language Issues


hep!en.kmx..saya lihat blog awak ini berbahasa melayu..bagaimana anda mampu meng’implement’kan adsense di sisi blog ini..sudi lah kiranya ajarin gue..tq

I’m able to implement adsense on this page because Bahasa melayu is not the primary language for this page. You can see I alternate between Bahasa Melayu and english content so that english become the primary language. The content in english is enough for adsense to display proper ad.

Further reading : What languages does AdSense support?

Beginner 07 Aug 2006 03:27 am

Update! AdSense on Google Page Creator

Now it’s much easier. Google Page Creator has added the ‘edit HTML’ link on the edit page. You can directly paste Adsense code you’ve generated from your Adsense account.
Instructions from Inside Adsense

Beginner 04 Aug 2006 01:34 am

Adsense Bahasa Malaysia?

Soalan dari Ainuddin
Betul ke laman web BM boleh buat duit dari Adsense? Banyak seminar kata begitu.
Belum lagi.
2-3 hari lepas aku pun berlari jugak pegi kedai beli majalah Al-Islam sebab dia ada cakap hal ni. Bila aku nengok2 balik, rupanya diaorang baru cari reseller kat Malaysia ni. Lepas tu nanti kita akan dapat nengok lebih banyak iklan dari Malaysia. Tak semestinya bila dia dah ada reseller kat Malaysia diaorang akan terus implement adsense untuk BM. Mungkin ambik masa ataupun mungkin tak jadi terus. Pepehal aku rasa diaorang nak try dulu market Malaysia ni.
Sekarang ni memang ada iklan Adsense yang target untuk user dari Malaysia (Cth: Dell, hotel etc) tapi untuk content dalam english. Adsense untuk BM ni aku rasa memang berpotensi untuk ada di masa akan datang. Google sendiri pun dah slow-slow aim kat kita. Contohnya skang dah ada Zeitgeist untuk Malaysia.
Tak mustahil la satu hari nanti akan Adsense akan bisa target content dalam Bahasa Malaysia.
Itu jam we all gonna make siht-load of moneh!! Ha ha ha..
p/s: Seminar mana yang ko pegi ni?

Beginner 25 Jul 2006 01:36 am

Adsense On Blogger

Soalan dari Mohd Noor
Ada beza tak kalau kita buat hanya guna free blogger ngan website biasa (cth: dotcom).
Takde bezanya kalau kita buat website dari Blogger ke ataupun beli domain sendiri/server sendiri. Yang penting kandungan (content). Adsense akan scan semua content dalam page tu dan akan display iklan yang paling bersesuaian dengan kandungan page tersebut. Semua sekali dari Title tags, meta tags, URL, link, ALT tags kat gambar, link tags. Sama macam GoogleBot nengok site korang tu. Dia akan pick-up semua sekali. Tak kiralah page tu di-host kat mana,
Biasa kalau kamu gunakan Blogger, dalam beberapa minggu pertama tu dia akan display iklan pasal blog je. Sebab korang hosting kat blogging server. Lama-kelamaan kualiti iklan ni akan diupgrade selepas Google crawler/spider ‘lawat’ website korang. Senang cerita lepas tu Adsense akan tahu website/blog korang tu mengenai apa. Dan diaorang akan target iklan untuk site/blog korang ni.
Pastikan content tu dalam bahasa inggeris. Kalau bahasa melayu diaorang tak paham kemende yang korang tulis tu. Lagi lama usia website tu, adsense akan lebih paham website tu tentang apa, dan diaorang akan display iklan yang lebih bersesuaian. Jadi kesabaran tu penting.
Harap jawapan saya membantu.

Beginner 22 Jul 2006 11:35 am

Tips For A Successful Adsense Site

By Gabriel J. Adams
One doesn’t have to dig very deep on the internet to find an adsense site. At its most basic level, an adsense site is a site which displays Google Adsense ads to earn money. The problem is that the majority of Adsense sites are trash – just content scraped off other sites that has been thrown together into a mish-mash that the webmaster calls a website.

If you want to be highly successful in the Adsense site industry, you’re going to have to do something drastically different. Following are several tips you can use to distinguish yourself from the crowd.

1 – Use a professional design
Many adsense sites use a very basic, cheap looking template that they paste their content into. If you use a professional website design, people are more likely to place value and trust in your site.

2 – Use unique content
Don’t use recycled content. Take the time or money required to get your own unique articles and content written for your site. This will allow you to offer your readers content that they cannot get anywhere else, as well as give you better rankings in the search engines.

3 – Create a valuable resource
The purpose of an Adsense site should not be just to get a visitor to come and click on the ads. It should be to get a visitor to come, and because the like you site so much, keep coming back again and again. That is how you can have a highly successful site – returning visitors.

4 – Use other monetization methods
Adsense should not be your only source of income from a site. Sell a product, promote affiliate programs, sell banner ads, or sell text link ads on your site. This serves to diversify your income, as well as gives other content for your visitors to look at or click on.

Learn how Niche Content Packages can help you get unique content for your website.

Article Source:

Beginner 10 Jun 2006 03:32 pm

Kenapa Takde Orang Klik Iklan Saya?

Ini problem biasa berlaku. Cuba nengok content korang. Barangkali korang telah memberikan informasi yang secukupnya (lengkap) kepada pelawat. Kalau korang nak diaorang klik pada iklan tu (maksudnya meninggalkan site anda) korang kena bagi sebab untuk diaorang.
Content korang mesti dapatkan iklan namun pastikan dalam iklan tersebut ada jawapan.
Cuba gak try letak iklan kat bawah page korang. Bila diaorang dah setel baca semua, pastikan diaorang blah melalui iklan tersebut (selain tutup window).

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